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Song Parodies

I’m a huge fan of musical parodies. Obviously one of my favorite musicians is “Weird Al” Yankovic, but there are many other artists who’ve done song parodies, such as Bob Rivers, though most others are stand-up comedians. I love them all, and occasionally write my own. The ones I write usually involve gaming, and a number of my friends write similar parodies. We’ve come to use the term “filks” to refer to them, even though the word filk typically refers to a fannish style of folk music rather than parodies. Many filk and folk songs use the same music and are parody-like, so that’s what we call them. The majority of my own filks/parodies use modern music (typically rock) instead of folk music.

Parody Title Parody By Original Song / Artist
Fifth Edition Dust Raven Original Sin / Taylor Dane
Hero in Your Soul Dust Raven Birdhouse in Your Soul / They Might Be Giants
I’m a God Dust Raven I’m a Bitch / Merideth Brooks
It’s My Dice Dust Raven It’s My Live / Bon Jovi
I Just Wanna Game Dust Raven I Just Wanna Live / Good Charlotte
Friday Night Dust Raven Friday Night / The Click Five
The Storyteller Samuraiko The Entertainer / Billy Joel
All They Want to do is Game Samuraiko All They Want to do is Dance / Don Henley
Tae Con Show Thia Halmades Tae Kwon Leap / The Frantics
Twelve Days of Hero System Various Twelve Days of Christmas / Traditional
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