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City of Heroes

I was first introduced to City of Heroes shortly after its release. I wasn’t impressed. To be honest, I’m not into the idea of “renting” video games, and City of Heroes is pretty much useless unless you have a subscription to the game. Everything is online. I didn’t really like the idea of paying for a game continuously when I wasn’t sure I’d have the time to play or if any of my friends would ever be online at the same time I was. Plus I really didn’t have the money to afford an account at the time.

Well, a few years later I had different friends, a different time schedule and a much better paying job. And my friends all seemed to have COH accounts. So, I got an account to try it out, and despite the cost I was hooked. I still don’t like paying to play every month, but since I’ve quit smoking I can easily justify the cost as being the least expensive of two additions.

Save our City of Heroes

Oh August 31, 2012, NCSoft announced it was closing Paragon Studios and with it City of Heroes.

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