The Land of Ten Thousand Thoughts

a realm of human imagination

About the Contributors

The primary contributors and writers responsible for the creation and maintenance of are Trystan Laryssa and myself (Dust Raven). Below is a little bit of information about us.

Dust Raven

Real Name: RC Craigo
Age: 36
Role: Game Master, Player
System of Choice: Hero System

Dust Raven is a web designer/developer, graphic artist, WordPress theme author, gamer, computer geek and general sci-fi nerd. In addition to The Land of Ten Thousand Thoughts, he has authored and continues to maintain numerous websites, including, Star Patrol, My Accoutrements and He currently lives in Arizona with his family where he works as a freelance.

Trystan Laryssa

Real Name: DeAnna Renae
Age: 34
Role: Player
System of Choice: Hero System

[Information about Trystan Laryssa.]

A Special Thanks

It shall not go without saying our work would not be possible without the participation of our ever shifting group of gamer friends. A special thank you must go out to those in our past who have helped shape the way we play these games. Each is someone Trystan and/or myself have had the good fortune to play a game or two with in the past or present. In random order:

John Travis, Michelle Travis, Jeff Fasenfest, Jeff Chumley, Chris Pell, Robert Jackson, Shane Cambern, Marianne Cambern, Chrissy Olsen, Juliette Hoag, Robert Chase, Delfino Ramirez, Kyle Broadhurst, Marcella Tom, Richard Tom, Susan Landerman, Duncan Rittschof, Andrea Rittschof, Bill Shaw, Patrick Halpin, Mike Halverson.

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