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Miscellaneous Quotes

“That’s an example of using your head as a limb.”

“As long as you can still do without don’ting.”

“One man’s garbage is another man’s trash.”

DeAnna: “How can you do hyperspace speed on land?”
Jacob: “Just push the button.”

“Oh! I turn on my Force Field.”

“Think about having a teleporting cat… much better than a non-teleporting football player.”

“We’re here to steal the… oh, we probably shouldn’t tell you that.”

“It has to be oriental garb; we don’t have peasants here.”

“We will return. Try not to stake us when we get back.”

“Whatever doesn’t kill you only leaves you bleeding and crying mommy!”

“Have you ever felt like you were being slept on by a cow?”
-Loren Wolfstar

“It’s all fun and games until someone loses an eye… then hey, free eyeball!”
-T-Shirt seen at the mall

“Oh! It’s the reality show about fake stuff.”

“I was reaching down to pick up my shoe and it turned out to be Jared”
-Loren Wolfstar (and Jared is my cat)

“People aren’t necessarily stupid… there’s Garlic & Butter Ritz®.”

“I’ve just been shooting the cats any time they’re even remotely cute.”

RC: “I’m hungry.”
DeAnna: “How hungry?”
RC: “That grumbling was my stomach saying ‘feed me or I’ll eat your liver.'”

“He’s kicking your ass with both feet tied behind his back!”
-Swamp Stomper

“I have a trenchcoat and a badge. That’s my costume.”
-William Gray

“You’re not abnormal. You’re just a kind of normal most people aren’t.”

“I drop-kick black things in the dark.”

“I like Steve Long’s write up for Squirrels. I just need to give them laser eyes or explosive acorns.”
-Super Squirrel

“I have a filthy car with a brand new shiny cow on it.”

RC: “Poor me… oww!”
DeAnna: “Poor meow?”

“You obviously haven’t analyzed your pine trees.”

“The only thing that counts in cyberspace is your intellect… and your typing skills.”

“I have a dead French fry in my pocket.”

“I have headphones now… I’m unstoppable!”

“I got $50 and an Awful Cigar.”
-Bucky (as Chi Omokage of Ninja Burger)

“Nothing says terror like cute and fuzzy little cuisinarts”

“Of course I’m gonna pay for the education; I have ninjas in my trees!”

“Even doctors can get blowfish poisoning.”

“Just because you don’t use ice doesn’t mean you can bury it for other people to not use.”

“What a cute little cat. I wonder what she’d look like with Q-tips in her ears…”

RC: “Hey, Jacob. The Krispy Kreme ‘hot’ light is on. You know what that means?”
Jacob: “Yup! We’re having sugar for diner!!”

“Can’t you use the little cat sucker?”
-Loren Wolfstar

“This dead cat isn’t functioning!”
-Loren Wolfstar

“He’s currently torn between ‘f***ing cool!’ and “oh, sh*t.'”

“I say we kill the stick boy. No wait – I’m not that cruel. Let’s go hurt the stick boy… badly.”

“I’m going to patrol for criminals who don’t have restraining orders against me.”

“Crys’ new workout video: Buns of Quartz!”
-Dust Raven

“Do you like your face?”

“Well, this guy’s going into a wall… and maybe a coma.”

DeAnna: “What do you want?”
RC: “We want dinner.”
DeAnna: “What would you like?”
RC: “That would be telling. We want dinner… dinner… dinner…”
DeAnna: “You won’t get it!”
RC: By nuke or by cook… we will.”

“I’m looking that way because the wet is pretty and the sun hurts my head real bad.”

“The sooner you get up and get dressed, the sooner you can go back to bed.”

“Jacob, do not pet my cheese.”

“I can’t purr with my mouth open!”

“Give me 16 points of experience and I’ll do whatever you want me to do!”

“Excuse me, Mr. Huntsman…do you realize you’re being fanatical?”
-Whispering Death

“That bitch hit me with a jet! …wait, that bitch hit me with my jet!”

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