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Theme Complete

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The theme/design for the website is complete and live. I’m pretty sure I’ve gotten everything that needs attention but if something crops up the site is easy enough to update now. I’ve also migrated over all of the content from the original site. The only exception to this has been most of the content associated with the City of Heroes section, which for the most part as changed so drastically there was no point. I’m currently evaluating all of our potential CoH content to make decisions on what to include and to leave out. There is currently a separate website for Star Patrol which has all the detailed info about that specific super group, so I’m not likely to include much info other than links. I’m considering going light on other characters and super/villain groups as well just to keep this site consistent.

I have a similar issue with the D&D section, as most of the info there will be associated with my campaign setting Riadus, which also has its own website.

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