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Pathfinder Society @ Imperial Outpost Games – Today!

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Pathfinder Society

May 18th, TLOT3 presents a Pathfinder Society event hosted at Imperial Outpost Games in Glendale AZ!

I’ve recently organized a number of scenarios I have prepared to run, and have around 20 printed, and dozens more I could potentially run from the pdf on my laptop. For today, we’ve got the Cyphermage Dilemma, originally presented as season three’s special, it has been released for season 4 so all GMs can run it (not just Venture-Captains and -Lieutenants). Also up is season four’s The Veteran’s Vault, an intriguing scenario with a clever mix of combat and role-play potential. Standing on the wings is a classic season one scenario: The Darkest Vengeance, which is one of my favorite in terms of encounters involving traps and puzzles and role-play which require more than a mere die roll to determine the outcome. All three are for 1st to 5th level characters.

For the higher level player we’re also bringing Among the Dead (for 1st to 7th level), Among the Gods & In Wrath’s Shadow (for 3rd to 7th level) and Fortune’s Blight (for 5th to 9th level). While it will likely be impossible to play all of these today, there is definitely something for everyone.

Where Imperial Outpost Games (Store)
4920 W. Thunderbird Rd #121
Glendale, Arizona 85306
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