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Before the Dawn—Part I & II

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TLOT3 will be hosting PFS scenarios #2-01 Before the Dawn – Part I: The Bloodcove Disguise & #2-02 Before the Dawn – Part II: Rescue at Azlant Ridge on Saturday, September 29th at Imperial Outpost Games. Tables will be run at noon and 5pm.

Additional tables may be run, which may include these or different scenarios, depending on the number of players and availability of GMs. At this time we have 1 GM for each slot.

TLOT3 looks forward to seeing you there!

1 thought on “Before the Dawn—Part I & II

  1. Imperial Outpost Games has just informed me they are completely full this Saturday and may not be able to accommodate our event. At this time, we are still meeting at IOG as a mustering location, and if they have a spare table for us, we’ll use it. If not, then we’ll decide amongst our selves on an alternate location (one of our homes, a Denny’s, etc.)

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